Baseball [Thing] is a running joke that is especially popular in the EW Facebook group. In a January 2016 episode, #791 (4:00), emailer Shaun had just seen one of MLB Network’s many airings of Brewster’s Millions, and wondered if it qualified as “a baseball movie.” Ben and Sam compared their personal criteria, and ultimately, Sam’s bar wasn’t as high as Ben’s. In between, Sam went into detail about the writers’ intent, with a tongue-in-cheek example of a pennant above a kid’s bed being enough to make it a baseball movie.

Facebook group members proceeded to post images from every single movie they could think of that included a baseball scene, a pennant on a wall, or even just a bat being used to strike things other than baseballs. The accompanying text often included little more than "Baseball movie." An endless stream of “baseball show” examples was quickly phased in, and “baseball ___” continues to this day to the great amusement of many, and the great agony of many others.

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