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January 14, 2014

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Ben and Sam discuss hypothetical questions about Mike Trout, Barry Bonds, Mark Mulder and more.

Topics Edit

  • Barry Bonds - What would he hit as a DH in 2014?
  • What will Mike Trout hit against RHP if he starts switch-hitting right now?
  • If Alex Rodriguez goes to Japan, what are the chances he breaks the all-time home run record there?
  • If Mark Mulder comes out of retirement, what will he do?
  • If the Dodgers sent Clayton Kershaw to their Low-A team in the Midwest League and make him their closer, what will his stats be in 70 innings?
  • Would either Johnny Damon & Bobby Abreu be replacement level now?

Intro Edit

Sparks, "I Predict"

Banter Edit

  • Ben's nap
  • Happy Birthday to Sam's dad

Notes Edit

  • Though the episode deals with hypotheticals, they were not submitted by listeners.
  • Sam introduces the theme as being an "all-predictions episode," causing Ben to groan, given his dislike for having to make predictions, especially "bold" ones.
  • Sam, on Ben's responses: "I don't think that you respected this exercise enough".

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