Smash Mouth is an American rock band from San Jose, California. They are best known for their 1999 single, "All Star."

In a May 2014 episode, Sam led off a discussion on the Houston Astros by quipping, "One might even say that today this podcast will be an Astro Lounge," in reference to the 1999 Smash Mouth album. Ben admitted in the ensuing conversation that he still had a sincere affinity for them. For a late ’90s band with a few hits, they somehow still find ways to be relevant, particularly through a constant stream of meme-worthy remixes, mashups, and video edits created by the online community, many of which are shared in the EW Facebook group, to the chagrin of some.

The band has occasionally been brought up on EW itself after making the news. In June 2015, lead singer Steve Harwell had a meltdown as he admonished a food fest crowd for throwing bread at him (interrupting a performance of “All Star,” naturally). In January 2016, Smash Mouth hit the studio for a quick tribute to the late David Bowie. Ben happily passed on the news to Sam in an episode on the day of the song’s release (42:30). Sam read a Huffington Post headline declaring that Smash Mouth gave a touching reminder that there will never be another David Bowie. Ben’s response: “There will never be another Smash Mouth either.”

Depending on one's point of view, a high point in EW history came in late January 2016 when Ben found himself being followed by Smash Mouth’s Twitter account (despite not following them).

List of "All Star" fan edits Edit